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The name Auto Seeds should give you a good grasp of what this seedbank offers. Yes, that’s right, only the highest quality, specialist bred autoflowering genetics. They’ve been specifically developed to appeal to connoisseur and commercial growers, as incredibly their autos will be harvest ready in as little as 55 days. Their compact too, making them an ideal choice for both the stealth grower and those looking to maximise space efficiency.

Auto Seeds have achieved much in 4 years, their research and development leading them to combine classic and legendary cup winning strains. This collection of feminized auto flowering seed genetics has a wide range of traits and tastes to suit virtually any grower. This generation of auto flowering seeds doesn’t suffer from some of the less welcome traits which afflict other plants, such as undersized yields. These issues have been ironed out through tireless hard work, with the results plain to see in this outstanding range of super autos.


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