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Autoflor in its current form was put in place to help us fund our on going work with the community, we are a collaboration of like minded people who feel there is a need to help those who cannot help themselves or afford to help themselves, we understand fully that pharmaceuticals can have a long term detrimental effect on patients, and further believe that said company’s have a stranglehold on its users and also dictate to government medical legislative departments, the bulk of the profits from Autoflor will go towards the running and up keep of Projects around Europe.

we are not like normal seed selling company’s who have big $ investors, we are exactly like you the buyer, we work closely with some wonderful seed producing people who understand fully our position, we love what it does, we love the 100’s of different benefits it has, and we love the idea of it some day being a legalized global healer, which it is…. We understand what we do here is only a very, very small percentage of what needs to be done, we are a small non profit association with huge determination and with other like minded individuals we can really make a change in the world……


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