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You’ll find an enviable selection of cannabis seed at Buy Dutch Seeds, which they’ve shipped worldwide for over a decade. Their range consists of over 60 strains specially sourced from the most trusted breeders worldwide and Buy Dutch Seeds go the extra mile to ensure an impressively high germination rate. Their seeds are sensibly categorised to make it straightforward to find just the right one for you one their website.

Many globally popular seeds are available here, including AK-48, Durban Poison, Master Kush, Wonder Woman, White Widow, Jock Horror, and many more.

Hundred of thousand of customers have enjoyed the great service offered by this company, not simply because of the range of seeds, but because of the guarantee of a safe online shopping experience and effective stealth shipping methods.


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  • Stealth Shipping
  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Card Payments
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  • Free Seeds with Every Order