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Jordan of the Island Seeds originate from the magnificent landscape of Vancouver Island, BC where climatic conditions here are no less than ideal for breeding top level cannabis strains. 20 years of passion and devotion to breeding has seen his reputation steadily rise; not only has this led to his seeds being featured in well known catalogues across the globe but also to numerous competition wins including Cannabis Cups, Tokers Bowl and BC Fall Harvest Cups.

This breeder is known for focusing on flavour, aroma and strength, not to mention astounding yields. Quality is assured too, as growers report superb germination rates and robust, healthy, bug resistant plants. The most distinguished of these is the ridiculously resinous God Bud phenotype which provides the basis for many of his latest strains such as God’s AK47, God’s Lemon and God’s OG Kush.

With 60 strains available now for worldwide delivery, this rare bounty from Canada’s west coast is closer than you may think.


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