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An original Dutch seedbank, MSNL have been compiling an unparalleled catalogue of prize winning cannabis genetics. Throughout every aspect of their operation, they take pride in settling for nothing less than the best, whether it be their seeds, top class knowledge, customer service or low internet prices. Each strain is meticulously inspected by hand to ensure a superb 90% germination rate (if done correctly). Years of tirelessly honing their seed genetics is what brings a stable product that you won’t be disappointed by.

Those looking for feminized, regular or autoflowering strains are all catered for by this award winning seed bank, as are those who are after medical grade seeds. Sativa or Indica, outdoor or indoor, this unprecedented collection of seeds contains every popular variety that you could possibly want including White Widow, Northern Lights, Grandaddy Purps and Big Bud. You may think these guys are generous sharing this super collection, but they go even further and now ship 5 free seeds with every order!


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