Dehumidifying Marijuana Grow Room

Dehumidify your marijuana growing room because in a hot, dry climate will have narrower leaves than cannabis grown in a humid atmosphere.

The logic behind that theory is in a dry atmosphere the plant’s respiration will be easier as the moisture on the leaves evaporates faster.

In a humid atmosphere, the moisture cannot evaporate as fast. This leads to a simple conclusion of getting a humidity gauge and maintaining a dry level.

A dry level is best determined by experimenting with different levels to see how the plants respond to your particular grow room conditions.

In good growing conditions, the leaves must be broader with more surface area to expel the wastes that the plant will put out. Since the broad leaves produce less resin per leaf than the narrow there will be more resin in an ounce of narrow leaves than in one ounce of  broad leaves.

This makes for excellent THC oil production by those who love honey oil.

One of the purposes the resin in the marijuana plant serves is to keep the leaves from drying out. There is more resin produced in a dry grow room than in a humid area.

Dehumidifiers cost around $100.00 to $300.00 and is well worth the investment for those rooms with wet walls and humid windows.

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