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Regenerating Marijuana Plants

Did you know it's totally possible to harvest a crop and then rejuvenate the marijuana plants into a vegetative state for a 2nd or more harvesting. When you harvest your plants for the first time, remove only about 1/2 to 1/3 of the very top buds. Leave the little bottom buds and small leaves. Throw the plant back into a vegetative state atmosphere i.e. change light timers and fertilizer. Pay attention and make sure the regenerating plants have enough nitrogen. This should ensure not too many of the remaining leaves will fall off. You should see new leaf growth in about 7 to 14 days. You'll notice the buds getting fatter and maybe adding more crystal to themselves. Allow the plant to grow at least a little bit before you go after those nice new phat buds on the bottom. Some friends have experimented with cloning at this point. It's pretty cool watching a bud get cloned and start to grow again. You can grow your new 2nd generation marijuana plant outside or inside, your choice. It seems 30 days is the going norm for growers to re-harvest. If you are into time schedules for new clones or seedlings and mature buds for harvest, this technique can fill any time gaps waiting for buds to mature. Pretty simple eh?

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