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Sumo Seeds is a cannabis (weed) seeds company. We are proud to present our selection of the highest quality strains. We have a wide diversity of feminized and auto flowering seeds! We have different types of strains for every taste and effect. Regardless of if you are looking for an indica, sativa or auto flowering strain. Sumo seeds can help you find the best feminized seeds available. We strive to offer the best genetics that are easy to grow and a pleasant smoking experience.

There will be no hassle removing male plants from your garden because all of our seeds are feminized. We continuously test quality and germination rates of all our strains to ensure you get the best possible cannabis seeds on the market. We have different weed seeds for every smoker from beginner to novice.
Cannabis is a fast-growing bushy annual that produces the psychoactive THC. It is a flowering plant that includes three different species, sativa, indica and ruderalis.

We take the utmost care to ensure that your order is delivered safely and quickly. We take great strides to ensure that your privacy is upheld and all of our packaging is completely discreet.


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