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How to Increase Marijuana Yield Summary:
Successful cultivation requires plenty of knowledge, patience and practice. Here at Greenmans Page, we offer support and advice for growers of all experience levels. This article talks about the ways to increase marijuana yield.

How to Increase Marijuana Yield?

Learn how to increase the good stuff.

There are several tricks to increase the number of females, or the THC content of plants:

You can make the plants mature in 36 days if you are in a hurry, by cutting back on the light to about 14 hours, but the plants will not be as big.

You should gradually shorten the light cycle until you reach fourteen hours.

You can stop any watering as the plants begin to make the resin rise to the flowers. This will increase the resin a bit.

You can use a sunlamp on the plants as they begin to develop flower stalks.

You can snip off the flower, right at the spot where it joins the plant, and a new flower will form in a couple of weeks. This can be repeated two or three times to get several times more flowers than usual.

If the plants are sprayed with Ethel early in their growing stage, they will produce almost all female plants. This usually speeds up the flowering also, it may happen in as little as two weeks.

You can employ a growth changer called Colchicine. This is a bit hard to get and expensive. (Should be ordered through a lab of some sort and costs about $35 a gram.)

Increase Marijuana Yield

To use the Colchicine, you should prepare your presoaking solution of distilled water with about 0.10 per cent Colchicine. This will cause many of the seeds to die and not germinate, but the ones that do come up will be polyploid plants. This is the accepted difference between such strains as “gold” and normal grass, and yours will DEFINITELY be super weed.

The problem here is that Colchicine is a poison in larger quantities and bay be poisonous in the first generation of plants. Bill Frake, author of CONNOISSEUR’S HANDBOOK OF MARIJUANA runs a very complete Colchicine treatment down and warns against smoking the first generation plants (all succeeding generations will also be polyploid) because of this poisonous quality.

However, the Medical Index shows Colchicine being given in very small quantities to people for treatment if various ailments. Although these quantities are small, they would appear to be larger than any you could receive form smoking a seed-treated plant.

It would be a good idea to buy a copy of CONNOISSEUR’S, if you are planning to attempt this, and read Mr. Drake’s complete instructions.

Another still-experimental process to increase the resin it to pinch off the leaf tips as soon as they appear from the time the plant is in the seedling stage on through its entire life-span. This produces a distorted, wrecked-looking plant which would be very difficulty to recognize as marijuana. Of course, there is less substance to this plant, but such wrecked creatures have been known to produce so much resin that is crystallizes a strong hash all over the surface of the plant – might be wise to try it on a plant or two and see what happens.

Source: hoboes.com

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  1. big fred says:

    colchicine is given for gout,,,,or gouty arthritis,,,,,from say a 5miligram pill,,,how much of the pill would be needed to soak seeds in??in the 40tys the u,s,gov,hired a scientistnamed lewis warmke,,he was suppose to try and make cannabis low in THC and high in fiber,,instead he came up with ways to make it better,,,like grafting hops tops,with marijuana bottom stalks,,hops is in the cannabis family,,,,the result was a vine 20ft tall and looked nothing like a pot plant,,,it was in the section called HOW TO GROW SUPER GRASS,,,,,,,

  2. big fred says:

    today is june 22,the first day after the summer solstace,,,i sprayed a couple of my plants with sesame oil,,,today there is not one bug,spider, nothing crawling,,the leaves have a shiny coating ,,in a couple days i will folliar feed the leaves with a low nitrogen mix and see what happens,,

  3. chris says:

    Big Fred are the leaves shiny bc of the oil u pout on them.or u think it’s helping the plant in some way or just killing the bugs off

  4. Nugz R Us says:

    week 2 of flowering for my OK47 and Red Cheese, (My own strains) done in greenhouse in a west midlands council estate all of them 6’5″ tall and looking so beautiful haha!

    1. tommy says:

      quick question, if anyone could answer it asap…? I’ve just begun the final flushing stages and was wondering if I could put on another light and space the plants to help yield, if it would at all? or would I be wasting my time?

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