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For over 15 years, the Greenman team have been resourcing information from some of the world’s leading cultivators. We are now dedicated to providing this information to every grower across the globe.

Whether you are a beginner or expert, growing indoor or outdoor, or using regular or autoflowering seeds, our grow guides are easy-to-follow and will ensure your finished product reaches its maximum potential.

The Greenman team are dedicated to helping you from the very beginning of your cultivation journey. The steady increase in cannabis legalization across the globe means it has never been easier to buy cannabis seeds. As such, we provide online seedbank reviews to help you decide where and when you should purchase your seeds.

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The Green Man

Found in many cultures around the world, the Green Man is an age old symbol of the growth cycle.

The King of Garden lore and honoured by countless ancient cultures, the Green Man celebrated the act of procrastination and merriment while symbolising the need to for man to respect the natural wonders of earth.

The Green Man symbolises the wonder of cultivation tradition and we intend to honour him by providing you with the very best in grow guides and information. This ensures that the legend of the Green Man will continue for generation to come.

Growing Basics

Marijuana Soil PH Level

Marijuana Soil PH Level pH affects plant growth and nutrient availability. pH can affect the availability of nutrients. pH can affect the absorption of nutrients by plant roots pH values above 7.5 cause iron, manganese, copper, zinc and boron ions to be l...

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Harvesting Marijuana – When To Harvest Your Marijuana Crop

Harvesting Marijuana – When To Harvest Your Marijuana Crop? By DJ Short There are several important points to consider when choosing the optimum time to harvest your marijuana crop. There are different factors to consider between indoor and outdoor ...

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Marijuana Definitions For Growers

Marijuana Definitions For Growers Marijuana Definitions is a good glossary of marijuana terms, phrases and techniques. AMPERE (AMP) – The unit used to measure the strength of an electric current. ARC – The luminous discharger of electricity b...

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Choosing Marijuana Seeds and Grass Seeds

Choosing Marijuana Seeds and Grass Seeds Choosing Marijuana Seeds aka Grass Seeds of High Quality You may not be able to tell what type plant you’re smoking, but you can tell what you like. Choosing marijuana seeds from high-quality marijuana will g...

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How To Grow Marijuana and Why

How To Grow Marijuana and Why How to grow marijuana on your own…and why! by Mrs Gardener Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 11 And God said “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed,” Genesis Chapter 1 verse 29. And God said behold, I have g...

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Sexing Marijuana Plants

Sexing Marijuana Plants The following photograph is a good example of male and female marijuana plants as they begin to grow. Making it easy to distinguish between male and female sexing marijuana plants. Male marijuana plants have what looks like balls g...

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Readers Questions

Growing Marijuana With Other Plants

Michael writes: For the plants mood and well being its a real good idea, to grow your weed with other plants at the same time? The plants is after all used to living in the forest. Growing marijuana around other plants will just make it happier. Rosemary...

Watering Marijuana

Jack asks “Can I run soft water after I run it through a 3 stage filter? Does the three filter system remove the salt from the soft water softener? I’m on a well and do not have chlorine.” Great to hear from you, use a digital EC tester ...

High CBD Strains

Jeanette inquires “I am looking to buy some very high CBD strain seeds such as Charlotte’s web or Avedical. Do you carry any very high CBD strains?” CBD strains of marijuana are becoming popular in the medical community. CBD strains gene...

Rehydrating Marijuana

Kelly asks “Is there any way to get ” moisture ” back into buds “after” they were harvested to soon?” Hello, good to hear from you, an old fashioned way we used to use was add a couple of potato peels to a bag of dry we...

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