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Being voted “best seed company” in the cannabis cup is no small accolade. In 1998 Homegrown Fantaseeds received just this award and kept up their good work to earn 6 more in the following years. Their initial stock of genetics were provided by the wonderful growers at Positronics; the owner and driving force behind this seedbank didn’t hesitate to make the most of this rare genetic library.

This allows Fantaseeds to offer both an unrivalled selection of classic strains from the 1980’s such as Mango, Top44 and Super Crystal and numerous award winning hybrids developed from this genepool and then combined with popular contemporary genetics. The most notable of these is Blue Haze (Blueberry x Haze) which coasted to an easy victory in the 2001 Cannabis Cup, picking up 1st place for best sativa strain. Genie of the Lamp should also be on any growers radar; this super strain boasts a quick finishing time and massive yield.

It’ll be no surprise to see Homegrown Fantaseeds in the winner’s enclosure soon as they continue to expertly expand their genepool.


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