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World Marijuana Seed Banks Listings

Welcome to the marijuana seed banks listings from around the world. The following websites have to pass a Safe Search to be listed. Long standing, usually reliable, reputable seed banks get listed. Listings have taken place since 1997. With the end of marijuana prohibition the number of marijuana seedbanks is exploding around the world.

The marijuana seed banks world listings is interpreted regionally from Canada, Dutch Amsterdam, United Kingdom and the rest of the World. Marijuana seedbanks from Canada have survived recent set backs over the years. Good companies from around the country still offer a fantastic variety of marijuana seeds. Government licensed medical marijuana growers can now legally grow weed in Canada. Recreational and medicinal marijuana is now legal in numerous regions of the USA and Canada.

The photos and descriptions of the listed marijuana seed banks are purely objective, no personal opinions or customer complaints will be published. Customer complaints are varied, one customer can have a great experience and the next customer could have a problem. Always start off with small orders and work your way up to larger purchases. Check out Scam Cannabis so you don't get screwed for your money.

Marijuana Seedbanks

Dutch marijuana seed banks compete with Amsterdam coffee shops so the quality of cannabis is superb. Growing techniques have advanced with today's technology. Fertilizers and steroids can produce gigantic buds. Ever heard of Bud Blood? Marijuana Genetics have evolved to an all time mix and match scenario. Not well known, the United Kingdom has just as good marijuana seeds as any company globally. Online head shops ship to legal areas around the world. Presently 29 countries around the world have some form of legal medicinal marijuana.

World Marijuana Seed Banks Listings Index

Canada Marijuana Seed Banks

AB Seeds
BC Bud Depot
Canadian Seed Exchange
Dr. Greenthumb
Hemp Depot
Iron Seeds
Kind Seed
MJ Seeds Canada
Single Marijuana Seeds Canada
Toronto 420 Seed Bank
Vancouver Seed Bank

UK Marijuana Seed Banks

All Salvia
Attitude Seedbank
Cannabis Seeds
Cannaseur Seeds
Dr. Chronic
Golden Seeds
Gorilla Marijuana Seeds
Herbies Seeds
Highland Co.
Pot Seeds
Pure Sativa
Seeds of Funk
Sensible Seeds
Weed City
Weed World

USA Marijuana Seed Banks

Rare Dankness

Dutch Marijuana Seed Banks

Amazing Nature
Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds
Barney's Seeds
Ceres Seeds
Cannapot Webshop
Dutch Passion
Dutch Seeds
Green House Seed Co.
Flying Dutchman
KC Brains
Ministry of Cannabis
No Mercy
Paradise Seeds
Positive Seeds
Sensi Seeds
Soma Seeds

Spain Marijuana Seed Banks

Original Sensible Seeds
Resin Seeds
Shaman Genetics
Sweet Seeds

Marijuana Seed Banks Archive : Check out the marijuana seedbanks archives. If you can't find a seed company the archives may let you know the outcome of the business. Some good old boys have packed up and moved on.