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Green Blog

Welcome to the green blog page where you'll find the best of marijuana questions and answers along with green opinions and growing experiences. We hope to stimulate differences to create conversations. Keep in mind we don't know everything, we make mistakes, we try to learn and maintain a memory. May you find this blog helpful and fun. If you want to contribute please use the contact link in the above menu. Everyone is encouraged to share thoughts and experience to help people. Keep the spirit high!

Credit Card Companies Accept Marijuana Money

On January 1st, 2014 in the state of Colorado retails sales of legal marijuana reach over 1 million dollars.

The major credit card companies are turning the other cheek, so to speak, and accepting the transactions.

All of a sudden every state in the USA is watching and about to end prohibition throughout the land.

There is just too much money for business and governments to let smoke away. We’re on the cusp of the next big business revolution.

Growing Marijuana With Other Plants

Michael writes: For the plants mood and well being its a real good idea, to grow your weed with other plants at the same time?

The plants is after all used to living in the forest. Growing marijuana around other plants will just make it happier.

Rosemary – tried and they are easily accepted by the weed plants. Try also salvias, a small palm or a bonsai tree.

Moss (difficult without a electric humidor) or grass is perfect for soil that supports the plants aura/mood.

This will help a lot on you’re grow even if they don’t share soil/pot.

Plants talk. Happier hemp better weed.

Watering Marijuana

Jack asks “Can I run soft water after I run it through a 3 stage filter? Does the three filter system remove the salt from the soft water softener? I’m on a well and do not have chlorine.”

Great to hear from you, use a digital EC tester for measuring salt content. EC measures the level of fertilizer salts in the water. Most marijuana strains are happiest when grown at an EC of between 1.5 and 1.8.

High CBD Strains

Jeanette inquires “I am looking to buy some very high CBD strain seeds such as Charlotte’s web or Avedical. Do you carry any very high CBD strains?”

CBD strains of marijuana are becoming popular in the medical community. CBD strains generally don’t get you as high as THC bred strains but are great for medical purposes. CBD can increase or decrease the effects of  THC kyndes. Check out some High CBD Strains.

Rehydrating Marijuana

Kelly asks “Is there any way to get ” moisture ” back into buds “after” they were harvested to soon?”

Hello, good to hear from you, an old fashioned way we used to use was add a couple of potato peels to a bag of dry weed to add moisture, doesn’t effect smell and taste too much. Sometimes we used an apple peel, orange peel for flavor. We’ve seen friends use a piece of bread. Some have used lettuce. Another technique we’ve seen but not tried is to place a small piece of wet sponge in a jar of dry weed. Rehydrating marijuana is something we haven’t done in decades, back in the day, old fashioned Columbian and Mexican weed would show up really dry. Now a days our really super dry weed is great in a vaporizer. You can try a dry marijuana pollen extractor to get most of the kief if you don’t want to rehydrate marijuana.