Rehydrating Marijuana

Kelly asks “Is there any way to get ” moisture ” back into buds “after” they were harvested to soon?”

Hello, good to hear from you, an old fashioned way we used to use was add a couple of potato peels to a bag of dry weed to add moisture, doesn’t effect smell and taste too much. Sometimes we used an apple peel, orange peel for flavor. We’ve seen friends use a piece of bread. Some have used lettuce. Another technique we’ve seen but not tried is to place a small piece of wet sponge in a jar of dry weed. Rehydrating marijuana is something we haven’t done in decades, back in the day, old fashioned Columbian and Mexican weed would show up really dry. Now a days our really super dry weed is great in a vaporizer. You can try a dry marijuana pollen extractor to get most of the kief if you don’t want to rehydrate marijuana.


    • I like to start my plants early indoors in late Jan. or early Feb. on a 18 hr light/6 hr dark cycle. When they reach a certain size I change the light/dark cycle to 12/12 to sex them and then throw away all the males and change the light/dark cycle back to 18/6 to make them grow again. Some years I don’t get them switched back enough before I set them outside and a lot of the top leaves grow elongated and the edges don’t have the usual jagged edge. It looks like they’re two plants in one, the bottom leaves look like a normal marijuana leaf but the top ones look so different. Anybody ever experience anything like that?

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