Yale Doctor Demands More Scientific Research on Cannabis

Yale Doctor Demands More Scientific Research

Dr. Deepak C. D’Souza, a professor and psychiatrist from Yale University and member of the Medical Marijuana Board of Physicians has expressed his concerns over the lack of scientific research on marijuana and its effects.

Over the past couple of years, we have witnessed medical marijuana reform sweeping the country like a tornado. However, we have also seen the federal government obstructing scientific research on marijuana by refusing to remove it from the Schedule I category of illegal drugs – heroin is in that category. Nothing unusual there, right? Except thousands of patients who are relying upon the anecdotal evidence of medical efficiency of cannabis.

As the board of physicians were considering new diseases and conditions to be approved for medical marijuana, D’Souza has emerged again as the one who votes down the expansion of medical marijuana use – because of his concern. Ultimately, ulcerative colitis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, have been approved.

The doctor from Yale believes that marijuana, with its 483 active components needs a lot more of serious scientific research to be considered as a cure for so many diseases and conditions. “There is no single drug that can treat all approved conditions,” D’Souza said.

This is a big issue for him, as he pointed out, because most available drugs have one or two components. Besides, another red flag for the doctor was the fact that the “new” marijuana plant is heavily engineered to produce higher or lower amounts of THC or CBD, which is something that didn’t exist during the 60’s.

D’Souza went on and on talking about this issue constantly, asking why would anyone use the drug that hasn’t been tested.

It seems as if he hasn’t been sick, ever. Or watched his child suffer from epilepsy seizures. If my baby was in such pain, and I heard there’s a plant out there that may help, I would jump right into it. Especially because it is a plant we’re talking about – the one most of us have used at a certain point in our lives. However, we should all agree with D’Souza’s statement about establishing “clear, transparent, scientific studies to validate why one condition gets approved and another is not approved.”

This is an amazing question that we would all love to hear the answer to. Obviously, there aren’t many scientific studies out there, so who has to say which condition qualifies and why?

Perhaps, since big money has entered the medical marijuana market, the reason for approving or disapproving certain diseases could be hidden behind some organization’s bank accounts?

From growers to dispensers, from doctors to the states – everyone would love to dip their fingers into this lucrative jar. Take Colorado for instance: during their first year of marijuana legalization, they have earned approximately $60 million in tax revenue. That being said, perhaps D’Souza is onto something by expressing his concerns in such vocal manner. We definitely need more scientific research on marijuana, whatever the reason behind it is.

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