northern-lights-marijuana Northern Lights - Northern light is a very common plant around the world, winner of the best Indica strain over and over. The great characteristic of this indica plant is the big center cola. Northern Lights is one of the most lucrative plants for growing marijuana indoors. Northern Lights weed is one of the oldest commercial flowers crossed other great strains. Produces a light fruity flavor, smooth light smoke and a good strong high.


Original White Widow White Widow - White Widow marijuana is the number one choice for medical users because this strain, when grown well, is the strongest weed known to history. The buds get covered with so much THC they look like they've been frosted with ice. The high is always exotic, the taste divine and the odor is one of a kind sweet. This weed has won more awards and cups than any other. Super yields. This particular strain of white widow has been here since 1996. Haze Bud Moby Dick Feminized - Moby Dick is a haze family member that likes to become a bushy tall plant with long stems, with narrow leaves, and wonderful gold tinged flower tops. The THC ratio of Sativas is always high. Yield can be quite high. Haze is offered in original, feminized and hybrid genetic choices. Master Kush Marijuana Master Kush Bud - The original genes of this indica strain come from the mountains of the Hindu Kush valley. The seeds were acquired in the 1980s and crossbred with several varieties. This original Kush lives in a few varieties like Master Kush and Hindu Kush. Also comes in feminized genetics offering the breeder or grower great selections.

Marijuana Growing Guide Free Library

Marijuana Growing Guide Free Library helps everyone learn how to grow marijuana plant hydroponics.

Welcome, the spirit is to help medicinal cannabis patients and horticulturalists grow the most potent marijuana plants legally possible. Growing marijuana indoors in your own space, greenhouse or outdoor garden is not overly difficult but attention to detail is needed.

Our green team analyses online weed growing sites, phat magazines and communicates with real organic growers. You will find only the best online information on marijuana seeds, germination, marijuana plant sexing, marijuana growing equipment of today, hydroponic techniques, indoor cultivation, outdoor cultivation, troubleshooting plus a whole lot more. Learn something new and improved to help you do grow better ganja.

Use the Grow Guide Index to find specifics on how to grow marijuana right away. Enjoy the best reading library with your favorite big phat joint.

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Growing Marijuana Tips of the Month:

  • Keep enriching your cannabis plants with fresh air even until the end of harvest, it increases growth rate, hastens maturity and increases yield. Adequate ventilation cycles are a must, weed loves routine.
  • Change your grow lights every year, the color spectrum effectiveness diminishes over time.
  • Don’t put old HID bulbs in new electronic and digital ballasts, it’ll work but the bulb will fail faster, their incompatible, find the new lights made for the new ballast.
  • Try a few different new fertilizers on a few of your plants to figure out the best fertilizer for your grow garden.
  • When growing hydroponic marijuana use Ph meters, it’s important to have the right measurement.
  • Don’t wait for color change, use a microscope to see when your plant is ready for harvest, it should have 2/3 balls on the tops of the crystals of THC.
  • Don’t go into your grow room during the night cycle, leave it alone.
  • When cutting your plants make sure you sterilize your scissors or clippers, wash your hands regularly, bacteria and fungus contamination is easy. Some growers are now using a fungicide on seeds before and during the germination process.

Marijuana Growing Advancements:

  • An LED grow light revolution has been going on for a few years now, as seen with birth of electronic and digital ballasts which are more compact, weigh less, consume less energy, delivering more efficient energy, create less heat, and save money.
  • Once you understand the marijuana leaf’s absorption percentage of each color spectrum, you’ll appreciate the ability to customize the light spectrum delivered to your plants in every stage of growth.
  • The world’s first real digital bulbs are now being designed and hopefully perfected in the near future.
  • Feminized marijuana genetics refers to a cannabis plant that will not produce any male aspects.

Top Quality Growing Equipment: Choose an excellent step by step DVD video to help those who aren’t into reading books and want to know how to grow marijuana. How to convert a small room into a dream garden of weed. It’s all there from lighting to nutrients to harvesting. DVDs are educational and entertaining at a great price. Once we watched one we had to start growing cannabis right away. Propagator Pro is a sophisticated container used for safe germination in a controlled environment. To use the new environment you should have one of the best Top Quality Grow Kits on the market. Read on and discover new growing equipment and techniques.

New additions to the growing marijuana free library can help beginners to professional farmers. There’s tons of free information on the internet, we’ll try to fine tune the selections presented to you. Remember medicinal marijuana is now lawful in certain parts of over 29 countries around the world, our green team hopes this legal ganja library is helpful.

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