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Mellowgold Seeds

They have a good online catalog with seeds from over a decade now. Nest generation seeds and Vancouver Island seeds for purchase. Offer Cannabis Cup winning genetics. New marijuana grow light kits for sale online. They sell other highs than marijuana, look for salvia and it's brothers and sisters. States shipping to the USA is available. New female genetics. Offerring 100% delivery but that is impossible to pull off. Only way of contact is by email.

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Canada Marijuana Seedbanks

AAA Marihuana Seeds
AB Seeds
BC Bud Depot
Dr. Greenthumb
Hemp Depot
Iron Seeds
Kind Seed
Legends Seeds
Mellow Gold
Vancouver Seed Bank

Dutch Marijuana Seedbanks

Aloha Seeds
Amazing Nature
Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds
Barney's Seeds
Buy Dutch Seeds
Ceres Seeds
Cannapot Webshop
Dutch Passion
Dutch Seeds
Green House Seed Co.
Hemp Seed Cybershop
Flying Dutchman
KC Brains
Ministry of Cannabis
No Mercy
Paradise Seeds
Positive Seeds
Sensi Seeds
Soma Seeds

UK Marijuana Seedbanks

All Salvia
Cannabis Heaven
Cannabis Seeds
Cannaseur Seeds
Dr. Chronic

Golden Seeds
Highland Co.
Natural Mystic
Pot Seeds
Seedbank London
Seeds of Funk
Sensible Seeds
Weed City
Weed World

World Marijuana Seedbanks

Sweet Seeds

Marijuana Seedbanks Archive : Check out the marijuana seedbanks archives. If you can't find a seed company the archives may let you know the outcome of the business. Some good old boys have packed up and moved on.