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Site Map 2

Site map 2 for domain.

AAA Marijuana Seeds
Boosting over 200 kinds of Dutch marijuana seeds from all the major seed dealers. 35 strains of Canadian marijuana onhline.

Only a few strains, as Ontario’s Choice (haze x northern lights) and President’s Choice (early pearl)

BC Bud Depot
A wide variety of marijuana to choose from, new strains every year. Pretty good at contact.

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds Canada
Trusted and in business since 1996. A good 30 strains, 100.00 to 300.00US per 10 seeds. Certified disease free seeds are advertised.

Hemp Depot
In the seed business since 1996 and been very steady. Super nice photographs of marijuana with exquisite crystal shots.

Iron Seeds
Sell other seedbank’s seeds, have their own special deal, prices from 30.00US for 10 seeds and up

Kind Seed Company
Business of selling marijuana seeds for over a decade now. Offer guaranteed authentic Canadian marijuana seeds

Legend’s Seeds
Legends guarantees the authenticity of each of the following marijuana seeds companies

Mellowgold Seeds
Good online catalog with seeds from over a decade now. Nest generation seeds and Vancouver Island seeds

Aloha Seeds
Amsterdam based marijuana seedbank with a birthday in the year of 2003. Offer a direct checkout

Amazing Nature
Psychoactive herbs, seeds, mushrooms and cacti. Offer only a few kyndes of marijuana seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds
Out of Amsterdam, very good place to buy your marijuana seeds, over 40 strains to make a good cannabis choice. 20 Free Seeds.

Buy Dutch Seeds
Selection of 30 types of Dutch marijuana seeds from Holland. All the famous brand names.

Cannapot Webshop
They support lots of other seedbanks including: Bluehemp Switzerland, T.H. Seeds, Green Hornet, Female Seeds.

Hemp Seeds Cybershop
170 varieties around 65.00US per 10 seeds. 12 years in the marijuana seedbank business.

Dutch Passion
One of the most fanous and respected marijuana seedbanks in the world.

Dutch Cannabis
New updated website, new releases and special deals. Many feminized types of marijuana seeds.

Flying Dutchmen
A good marijuana seed breeder with a long time in the business, maybe the oldest out there.

Green House Seed Company
The Green House Seed Company is the one of the successful cannabis businesses. They boost to have won more cannabis awards than most.

KC Brains
KC Brains offers many strains they stock live. Want you to inform yourself of local laws before you order.

Nirvana could be the oldest marijuana seedbank in the world with origins from the 1980′s and claiming a birth year of 1995.

No Mercy
Good disclaimer front page making sure the visitor knows what’s up. In the marijuana seedbank business since 1998

Paradise Seeds
Paradise offers feminised cannabis seeds, regular cannabis seeds and automatic cannabis seeds.

Positive Seeds
Derived from the Positronics grow world of past decades so their roots are deep in the marijuana seed business.

Over ten years in the cannabis seed business, Sagarmatha has a genetic pool weed smokers love.

Sensi Seeds
Sensi Seeds has been in the seedbank business over 20 years and has been collecting and preserving their famous marijuana genetics.

Shayana Shop
Shayana Shop is a complete head shop offering cananbis seeds, mushrooms, pipes, papers, vapes, smoking supplies, books and clothing.

Soma Seeds
Soma Seeds has been in the marijuana seedbank business for a decade.

THseeds was established in 1993 and concentrates on feminized cannabis seeds. Consistent quality of genetics is the foundation.

All Salvia and Cannabis Seeds
All Salvia offers cannabis seeds in the form of feminized and auto-flower along with herbal highs such as salvia divinorum.

Cannabis Heaven
Cannabis Heaven has been around for a decade, seems to be a one man seed show.
Cannabis Seeds dot com gets their seeds from a Dutch breeder. Established in 1999 with 59 kyndes of seeds.

Cannaseur Head Shop Seedbank
Cannaseur marijuana seedbank offers phone orders right away with a seed sales hotline.

Chillabong seeds have been in business since 1999.

Dr. Chronics Hydroponics
Dr. Chronic seeds has been online since 2002 with the breeder man starting from 1988. They do have a real store to visit in the UK.

Golden Seeds
Golden Seeds offers an updated inventory and has a good selection of Dutch and world marijuana seeds

Headsite ganja seeds stocks an ever growing range of cannabis genetics including regular, feminised and automatic or autoflowering dwarf cannabis seeds.

The Highland Co
The Highland Compnay sells cannabis seeds and marijuana related supplies. They ship cannabis seeds and cannabis related products

Natural Mystic
The Highland Compnay sells cannabis seeds and marijuana related supplies. They ship cannabis seeds and cannabis related products. Will not ship to USA.

Pot Seeds
Pot Seed UK sells legal highs and rare plants, incense and quality F1 marijuana seeds imported from Holland.

Seedbank Company of London
Seedbank Company of London is a fun website, sells seeds from other seedbanks. 28 new varieties are advertised.

Seedsman, for over 7 years, sells marijuana seeds, clothing and books. They sell their own brand of marijuana seeds.

Seeds of Funk
Seeds of Funk offers marijuana seeds for indoor growing, outdoor growing and first time growers.

Sensible Seeds
Sensible Seeds sells ganja seeds from 30 seedbanks to produce an inventory of over 500 seeds. In the seedbank biz for over 8 years.

Weed City
Weed City sells marijuana seeds from famous seedbanks to produce a large online inventory.

CannaBiogen’s, (out of Spain), front page gets right into ordering marijuana seeds, very little conversation goes on.

Hypersemillas cannabis seedbank runs out of Spain, and carry a super big inventory of other seedbanks

Seed Exchange Canada
Very big inventory selection with easy email money transfer payments, shipping usually within 7 days.

Toronto 420 Seed Bank
Social club marijuana seed co-op.

Single Marijuana Seeds Canada
Choose from all the great marijuana seed companies, single seed choice available.

Gorilla Marijuana Seeds
Gigantic marijuana seed bank carries the famous seed breeders and world wide seedbank copmany wholesalers.

Pure Sativa Seeds
UK seedbank carries all the finest marijuana seeds.

MJ Seeds Canada
Very nice website to navigate, great ordering methods, giant inventory selection, great communication

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