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Who is the Green Man?

The Green Man has been a garden fixture for centuries.

The Green Man legend is over 5000 years old and without question he is the King in Garden Lore. Pagan festivals honored him as a wild man who reveled in bizarre behavior which celebrated the act of procreation and merriment. Men, women and children had nothing to fear from him as long as they treated the earth respectfully.

In the pursuit of cultivation tradition we salute the Green Man and Green Woman in all of us.

The GreenMan’s Page is dedicated to providing information about cannabis seeds and cultivation to mature adults age 21 and over.

For over 13 years our team of ‘greenmen’ and ‘greenwomen’ have been monitoring all of the 420 magazines, cannabis news feeds, online boards and social media mentions of  cannabis seeds and plants and have sourced high quality resources to help you find the information you are looking for.

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