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Website: https://dizzyduckseeds.com
Type: Breeder
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Founded in 1991 at the epicentre of the cannabis scene, Dizzy Duck Seeds initially cultivated their prize winning strains behind closed doors. It wasn’t long before they felt it was time to introduce this modest collection of exquisite genetics to the world.

One now has access to Autoflowering, Feminized and Regular seeds alongside their medicinal breeding programme. All seeds are thoroughly tested on growth, flowering, terpene profiles and cannabinoid (THC/CBD/CBN) content. Such is the faith in their work that they 100% guarantee their product.

DDS pursue medical cannabis research beyond their seed development; a commitment to research in to the effects of cannabinoids and terpenoids, particularly CBD has led them to manufacture an outstanding range of organic oils, creams and tinctures of a high quality. This kind of progression really sets them apart from the crowd.


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