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The Strainbank has offered verified cannabis genetics, gathered from an international selection of seed banks, since 2009. Their method is to identify and preserve the finest genetics and desired phenotypes and only add marijuana to their menu after flowering seeds.

Their recipe for success is simple; they only work with stable, widely identifiable genetics and they strive to acquire only the most potent strains for medical patients and breeders.

Their website is designed to be a professional, straightforward platform which displays all the vital information regarding their strains. For these reasons, the Strainbank has remained at the forefront of cannabis plant and seed supply in California.

They justifiably rely on their reputation to be spread through word of mouth, nothing is spent on advertising. These saving are then passed on to patients, who return time after time. Don’t worry if you can’t reach San Diego, this superior collection of cannabis genetics can be shipped to you overnight.


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