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Organic Marijuana

Organic marijuana is the technique of using no pesticides, fertilizers or soil.

The list of growing mediums is usually a combination of natural organic material such as manure, worm castings, bat guano, seabird guano, sea kelp, steamed bone meal, blood meal, fish, oat bran and numerous composts.

Organic Marijuana SeedlingBest composts are fruit and fruit bearing vines (cantaloupes, grapes, watermelon, blueberries). The growing medium used can effect the taste of the marijuana, providing a concentrated source of calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphates and potash.

I’ve personally smoked organic marijuana grown in a base of rabbit manure, bat guano, worm castings and blueberry vines. They all produce a rich earthy flavour with noticeable differences.

Organic marijuana growers love to experiment and achieve there own personal taste.

Attention has to be paid to growing medium acidity. So many farmers use different growth material sources, configure your own mix and check for proper PH levels.

Pay attention to troubleshoot any nutrient deficiencies which will be noticeable in leaf growth. In a small amount of time you’ll develop a perfect mix.

Organic cannabis grows slower than hydroponics, soil-less mixes or any new growing medium “but” the taste and flavour is unique, pungent, prevalent and flavourful. THC crystal content is always high.

My friend breeds rabbits, grows raspberries, gathers sea kelp and loves the daily maintenance of farming his own mix.

Knowing what’s inside your marijuana is a comforting feeling adding to the high. Cerebral smokers attain higher states of buzz.

No other fertilizers can produce the nutrient levels and tastes. You do not have to add any growing ingredients, everything is already in the mix.

Flushing your cannabis at the end of the flowering cycle is not necessary, eliminating any chemical taste.

Those two facts reduce the growing work load. Organic marijuana is more resistant to disease.

The cannabis always burns clean. Environmentally friendly with no danger to you.

The Green Man salutes Organic Cannabis Farmers!

7 Responses to “Organic Marijuana Guide”

  1. BillyChuck710

    My buddy and I grew our first plants in 1971 at his dad’s farm in rural Missouri. They had chickens,rabbits,horses, and cattle. We diverted a creek for water and started up the grow in the back forty where the alfalfa was planted. We cultivated an acre with cut alfalfa, all that poo from the barnyard and lime. Planted a month later. We had bag seed from Oaxacan gold and Jamaican lamb’s breath. OMG, I remember that stuff like it was yesterday. I never tried any other way to grow except as an experiment, why fix something if you do it right the first time? I did try veganics for a while and went back to animal guano for that dank skunky taste. I figure that guano and compost is everywhere in nature and that’s what I want, clean natural flowers that are more colorful and tasteful. High Times had an article titled “ROLS”: Recycled Organic Living Soil” a name for old fashioned organic farming. Very good info in that read to get you started growing organically.Find the mix that works for you and stay clean green.

  2. I currently finished my Master degree in Agriculture, major Plant Production Systems. Now I had the idea to certify medical MJ in the US. I started to search for any cultivation guidelines that govern the use of pesicides, substrate, fertilizer etc. but I coulndt find some! ASA is planning to certify, right now they work on the guidelines (They are not organic at all..). Why are there not already other organic seals that certify MJ? Do I have a really good bussiness idea or did I missed something? It would be nice to get more information from someone that knows more about the US laws (mmj and also NOP and private seals)..Thanks for you help! (And don`t steal my idea! ;))

    • troy holzer

      That sounds like a very great idea. and organic mj is better then any chemical mj

  3. Ayla – I am also looking for something like this… Know of any growers doing this? I would like to get involved with something like this! I know a little about organic certification from working in vegetable production. It is not that different – only the guidelines need to be there – I am sure they can just tweak them a bit for MJ. There will be a demand. It is only a matter of time – and I want to be one of the first!

  4. hidesertPaul

    oganic is the way to go…start with the best seed and go from there.It is more difficult and time comsuming.but the pleasure I get is well worth the effort

  5. Just wanted to comment on something, It is the growers choice in how he/she grows, “but, it you like to grow, and smoke…the pleasure comes from seeing the outcome, no matter how it was grown…..peace..

  6. lukewood space

    This is the first time I have heard anybody say soil is not organic growing. I disagree, I use only natural soil composts, blood and bone meal. I use fish emulsions (dead minnows) in bottom 8″ of 10 gal. containers. There is however many solutions on the market that claim to be organic that are not. To each his own. I do enjoy reading, learning and giggling over mistakes I have made in past that others are making now. Peace


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