Troubleshooting Marijuana Health Problems

Troubleshooting Marijuana Health Problems

Use this chart to help you troubleshooting marijuana health problems and determine the possible causes for whatever strange problem you seem to be having.

Don’t forget that your problem may not necessarily be a lack of any particular nutrient, the issue is often availability.

High pH can prevent plants from absorbing vital nutrients. Extreme humidity may cause leaves to remain tissue paper thin.

Take small steps in your attempts to balance your nutrient solution. It is better to under-feed your plants than to overdose them.

Try adding about half of a recommended concentration as you experiment. You can always add more later.


Symtoms Suspected Element
N P K Mg Fe Cu Zn B Mo Mn Over
Yellowing of:  
Young leaves  
Middle leaves  
Older leaves  
Between veins  
Old leaves drop  
Leaves curl over  
Leaves curl under  
Tips Burn:  
Young leaves  
Older leaves  
Young leaves wrinkle/curl  
Growth Stunted  
Dark/purple color  
Pale color  
Soft stems  
Hard/brittle stems  
Tips die  
Bad roots  


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