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Completed Cannabis Closet System Guide Summary:
Successful cultivation requires plenty of knowledge, patience and practice. Here at Greenmans Page, we offer support and advice for growers of all experience levels. In this article, we offer a comprehensive guide on a Completed Cannabis Closet System.

Completed Marijuana Closet System

Growing marijuana in a closet system.

closetcadThis is a complete marijuana grow system with photograph and description.

Closet system

Hydroponic setup.
1 Root chamber & medium.
2 Tanks aprox 40L.
1 Pump.
1 Timer.
1 Exhaust fan 10” min
5 hose fittings.
1 4L/hour Dripper per plant.
Dripper tube &  Supply tube

1 400w HID & ballast.
1 Timer Switch 10 amp min.
4 18W fluorescent fitting.
1 Timer Switch 4 amp min?

If set up as a flood and drain system the pump output is connected to the top end of the root chamber.

The drain tank and pump are placed with the cloning chamber and fluorescent lights in the lower part of the closet if the clone lights have a separate Timer or are on 24 hours then the cloning chamber must light sealed.


The pump is on a timer the nutrients from the drain tank are pumped up to drip feed tank at the top,  about 6 minutes per 4 hours this is enough to to keep the dripper to each plant going continuously.

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