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Hydroponic Aeroflo System


The “Aeroflo”


Once again the “AEROFLO” is a product name of General Hydroponics 101. This system is a type of water culture known as AERO-HYDROPONICS and was originally developed in ISREAL. This system consists of large diameter piping (4 inches to 6 inches) used as the growth chambers. Holes are drilled at intervals for each plant site. Net cups are placed into each hole and the plant into each cup. The roots then protrude into the chamber in which the nutrient solution rapidly flows past, delivering oxygen and food. This type of system is highly oxygen intensive and causes spectacular growth rates and high yields. These systems are so successful they are the choice of many commercial food growers and NASA. Another benefit of this system is that a large number of plants can be grown in a relatively small area (the General Hydroponics Aeroflo #40N occupies 6′ x 3′ and has 40 plant sites). This is one of the most advanced growing systems available today and yet it can be built from common parts for one to three dollars per plant site! It is easily possible to fill an entire room with plants using this system!

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