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Indoor and Outdoor Cannabis Security Guide Summary:
Successful cultivation requires plenty of knowledge, patience and practice. Here at Greenmans Page, we offer support and advice for growers of all experience levels. In this article, we offer a comprehensive guide to indoor and outdoor cannabis security.

Your indoor or outdoor marijuana garden security needs you to be protected from thieves, bugs and other pests. Check out the following security tips:

Indoor Garden Security

DO NOT TELL ANYONE: You’ve got to keep your plantation a secret. If you tell one person, they tell another person, then they tell someone and so on. Pretty soon a ton of people know what’s going on. This can lead to the wrong people knowing, like thieves or the authorities. KEEP QUIET!

STAY INCOGNITO: Hide your actions around your grow room or garden. Don’t let anyone see you carrying in bags of dirt or buckets for planting. Do you supply lines in the dark or when you know people will not be around.

UNEXPECTED VISITORS: Don’t open the door for any strange visitor. Deny any wrong doing or unusual smells. Act like you don’t know anything.

LIGHT LEAKS: Go outside your home and see if you can see any intense light leaks that may lead passers by to believe something is going on. Do this once a month or so. Use heavy drapes or curtains, and duct tape them to decrease any chance of light escaping outside.

KILL ALL RECEIPTS: Throw away any and all receipts you get from buying supplies for your grow rooms. Always pay in cash.

NO SMELL: Try to vent your grow room into as many areas as possible. Anything too smelly or too much heat in one spot can be detected. There are room ionizers that can take away the intense odors before they get outside from exhaust fans.

KEEP DOORS LOCKED: You don’t need some little nephew checking out your garden and telling his friends or getting light fingered.

Outdoor Garden Security

DO NOT LEAVE TRAILS: try to cover up your tracks. Use different paths to get to your outdoor garden. Be random.

BE A SCOUT: Winter and off season scouting can bring good results for new places to plant.

BE A SQUIRREL: Store away food and water near your proposed upcoming garden. A good thing to do is store water around in case or drought.

NO PATTERNS: Do not plant in any sort of rows or pattern. Patterns can be easily spotted and secrecy is super important.

CARS and VEHICLES: 4 Wheelers, bikes and cars can be easily spotted. Hunters and outdoor hikers will track you. Early morning as the sun comes up is a good time to visit your plants.

STAY ALONE: Don’t bring anyone with you, it’s asking for trouble. The hardest thing to do is stay anonymous.

USE COVER: Do not plant out in the open, use some vegetative cover like evergreens or berry bushes.

DO NOT ATTRACT ATTENTION: Keep your outdoor area clean and free of garbage. Don’t attract attention.

ANIMALS: Keep animals, like deer, at a distance by urinating around your garden perimeter. Animal repellant can also work well.

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