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Dutch Marijuana Grow Room

Nol of the Netherlands

To get an idea of what can be achieved in the grow room, I contacted a Dutch Colleague Nol Van Schaik. Nol, is a Haarlem Coffeeshop owner and bit of a celebrity in Holland. He was the Dutch backer for the First Coffeeshop in Britain, the Dutch Experience in Stockport.

A keen historian, Nol has now written a book called "The Dutch Experience - The inside story: 30 years of hash and grass coffeeshops."

Below are some pictures taken from Nol's Growrooms section on his site HempCity.

Small Dutch Grow Room

4 Citral Marijuana PlantsCitral Marijuana 3 weeks old.Citral Marijuana 7 weeks old.Citral marijuana at harvest time.

Medium Sized Loft DutchGrow Room

Medium sized Dutch loft marijuana grow room.Marijuana covered in resin.THC crystal covered marijuana bud.Marijuana near harvest time.

Large Sized Dutch Marijuana Grow Room

Large scale Dutch marijuana growing room.Big buds in large marijuana room.Dutch buds in large garden.Large Dutch buds in large loft of cannabis.


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