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Chancelot Asks:

“Just experimenting but planted 6 seeds in outdoor small starter pots. Way late in season but all came up healthy. My very first time and I am trying to learn by watching closely. At 36 days all into 6th nodes I noticed white flies and larva. So I used a recommended organic pesticide which they did not like. So I lost two plants. The remaining four are trying so hard to grow but they are stressed. Plus they needed re-potting so I thought as leaves were stretching beyond perimeter of pot. So I re-potted only to find the root systems was not as expanded as I thought. Still they recovering fine. Then I topped 3 of them and clipped lower leaves with the white fly larva on them. They are still trying so hard but I fear too much stress has stopped them from thriving now they still look healthy but grow rate has slowed quite a bit. After topping within end of second day little leaves are sprouting from the nodes, all the nodes too. Just real slow. I am tricking them with a light on in yard which I shut off around 11pm. Do you think these little babies have a chance?”.

The Greenman: It sounds like you are doing everything you can to try and save your plants. However, you have to be wary of whiteflies, they build up a strong defence and will find their way to the underside of the leaves. Even if you believe you have cropped them away.

Rotenone and Pyrethrins, commonly used in organic farming as an alternative to chemicals work well in getting rid of white flies but act as fast as you can. Do not be disheartened if all of this crop fails, it is your first time and you will learn from any errors.

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  1. TED says:

    I’ve been growing 4 a couple years now.lots a do ond don’t but I’ve come guite a ways. The only way I take my clone.is from the bottom of my ladies…well somewhere i hear it works out even better …thicker stems feed back would truely apprciated…?

    1. Raymond Cruz says:

      When I did what you did I got a pretty good response my stem was starting to grow leaves and I got different growth nodes all over my baby it was driving real good and I made the mistake and put it in a shed that had mold in it and it just died and withered away it was good for nothing so my advice is be careful where you store your plant and try to keep it out of direct sunlight if it’s too hot I trim the leaves that were coming out new and other growths starting to pop up it worked great for me good luck to you also you can put those fly strips around your plants so when the white flies come to invade they get stuck on it along with the chemicals or the recommendations you get using different materials to kill the larvae good luck to you

  2. Dana Land says:

    Hey chancelot99 I just came across a recipe for homemade pest control. Now mind you, I have not tried this yet, but it sounds like it might do the trick.

    1 liter water
    1/4 biodegradable dish soap
    10 ml clove oil
    5 ml Rosemary oil
    I got this from another marijuana site so I’m guessing it’s good (maybe) lol
    Good luck to you.

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