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Michael writes: For the plants mood and well being its a real good idea, to grow your weed with other plants at the same time?

The plants is after all used to living in the forest. Growing marijuana around other plants will just make it happier.

Rosemary – tried and they are easily accepted by the weed plants. Try also salvias, a small palm or a bonsai tree.

Moss (difficult without a electric humidor) or grass is perfect for soil that supports the plants aura/mood.

This will help a lot on you’re grow even if they don’t share soil/pot.

Plants talk. Happier hemp better weed.

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  1. Don Wood says:

    I am a medical marijuana patient, for chronic pain. I received 2 young plants from a licensed, mmj grower. I have been feeding and watering them for a couple of months now. I noticed buds starting to form. In the last week or so the buds are getting huge. Everything I’ve read says this is not suppose to happen until the hours of light are reduced to 12, I keep the lights on for at least 14 hours per day. I have a 2 part question; 1) is this a problem, 2) what should I do?

  2. Rebel says:

    Set your lights on 12hrs on and 12 hrs off. And sit back and enjoy….

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