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ChronicChippster Asks:

“I have a dwarf growing in a hydro setup but it has a deficiency; the leaves are turning yellow. I think it may be the PH levels but all info and help is grateful”.

The Greenman: It is most likely your PH levels that are causing the yellowing of your leaves. A level of 5.8-6.0 should be what you are looking for in a hydro grow.

You mentioned to us that you have a hydro set-up.  Try using only filtered water in the system once a week. For example, use fresh water and fresh nutrients from Monday-Saturday and then use water only on the Sunday.

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  1. Mark Noble says:

    Hey, my outdoor plants at tips stage , some have gone really yellow at tips. They’re in direct sunlight. Could this be the problem or maybe a dolomite dose would help?

    1. Green Man says:

      Hi Mark, you may need to change the nutrients during the budding stage!

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